About me - Belen Dols



My name is Belén Dols and I would like to share a little about my self with you,


I want to emphasize the fact that I have not always been a shoemaker …, everything started in 2013, I worked in a large corporation in which everything was reduced to “user number, password and goals achieved”. The rest was not relevant. Pressure, pressure and more pressure.

One day, I wanted to buy some boots of a certain style. Back then, my life was crazy and I was looking for something elegant and comfortable at the same time. My feet were worn out from wearing heels. I could not find what I was looking for anywhere. I searched and searched, in stores in my city and on the Internet … (when something gets in my head …). So I decided to transform some boots I had in the closet. I got scraps of leather, scissors, thread and needle to sew leather and I got down to work.


That’s when the magic happened …, I enjoyed so much that moment and I was curious, so I decided to take a course. I found the Nataliya-Menárguez School of Arts and Crafts in Elda (Alicante), and there among lasts, skins, patterns, tools and heels I enjoyed the best 15 days of my life.


After that course, some more came, and little by little I set up a workroom in my house, as a hobby. I started to make sandals and I also started dreaming. So I worked hard and

left my old job to work on my new life.


“Belén Dols” label is real today. It is a studio where I spend most of my time, creating comfortable and beautiful shoes and bags in all sizes, made especially for you.


The Atelier is not a typical shop. Upon entering you can see my design table, full of lasts, cardboards, pencils, tape measure, cutter and some shoes that have not yet been published on the web. There is also a bit of stock that you can buy at the moment. I always invite you to see the workroom that I have on the floor below, I call it “the laboratory” where I spend a large part of the day.


Until not long ago, I used to work exclusively with leather, but, something in my inner started to change. So I started to look for alternatives similar to leather, so I could keep the same brand style and change into a new sustainable and conscious system, with non-animals materials. Actually, I am immersed in this new challenge, I do not use leather anymore (there are some leather products on sale because there is still some stock). Now I work with vegan materials made of plants with new technologies, so the result is amazing.


I really appreciate your valuable time reading my personal history. Thanks!


Big big huge!!


Belén Dols

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!